We’re blues and country, rock and soul, folk and roots. We blend the sounds of guitars, keyboards, washboards, mandolin, cat litter, harmonica and resonator.

We tell stories, woven into song. Tales of the dark side, of hope, of poverty of despair; tales of ordibnary lives, our hopes and aspirations. Tales of trying to make a difference and not giving in, of the magnet of the future and the draw of the past. It’s the stuff of life, it’s about what we all experience in our own way. It’s about what we might see and what we miss by not looking.

We've created our own sound which is drawn from a love of roots music in all its forms. We've blended that lot together to create something quite unique, but clearly draws its inspiration from our experience of life, and love.

It’s as we say……..woven with soul laced with blues